X01 Creating an Interactive PDF

You already know how to create a PDF for Print. Actually, you know quite a lot about creating PDFs. Let's review these skills before we push on into new territory.

PART 1 About PDF

The destination for your PDF and who you are creating it for are two of the main considerations that govern why you use different settings for your PDF.

Formats for Print / Screen
Save the InDesign document provided in the following formats:
1. High Quality Print, Single pages, No Bleed or Crop Marks
2. High Quality Print, Single pages, WITH Bleed or Crop Marks
3. Smallest File Size, Page Spreads, No Bleed or Crop Marks
4. Printer's Spreads: Print Booklet > to Postscript file Marks & Bleeds > Open in Distiller > Create PDF.

PART 2 Adding Interactivity

Before we make our own links in a document, we can get a feel for some of the options. Let's look at some examples of existing interactive PDFs.

1. Go to this URL
< https://www.uwsp.edu/acadaff/Pages/handbook.aspx >
to find the UW-Stevens Point Handbook.
Check out how the interactivity works with Hyperlinks that link to pages within the rest of the PDF. Obviously the document was not developed to be high design, but we are looking at the function of the interactivity.
Who is the audience? Should it have more thought put into the design?

2. Now let's go here < https://www.uwsp.edu/gep/Pages/default.aspx > to look at another interactive PDF. Go to the gray Nav bar on the left side of the page and twirl open 'Resources' to find the GEP Booklet. Scroll down to the table of contents and explore the interactive PDF.
Who is the audience for this publication? How would you characterize the positive qualities of the design? What could be better?

Adding HyperLinks to a Document

3. Let's explore this document that already has interactivity to see how it works.

Open the file provided for the exercise in InDesign.
Change the program Workspace View to Interactive for PDF.
Follow along with the instructor.

4. Open your Print Production Workbook file in InDesign.

Go to your TOC and Add Hyperlinks to 5 of the pages.
Add a 'Back to Contents' button.
Save your document with Interactive designation. > Export as PDF
High Quality Print, Lower Image Resolution to 150 / Medium,
Enable Hyperlinks.