About Glam Cats

Meet Joselyn!

She is based on a real cat from our own Glam Cats Inc.! In this interactive game, you will create your own cat avatar, and give your cat a glam makeover! Follow Joselyn's journey from her initial creation, to her glam makeover, and finally to how she earns gold stars, by visiting friends, playing games, and being a glam cat.

Meet Augie!

He is also based on one of our very own cats from Glam Cats Inc. As these Glam Cats earn gold stars, they unlock more games & accessories for their glam desires.

How To


To create your character, select the coat color, eye color, and gender of your cat using the arrows to see your options. As you earn gold stars, you then have more options in this category. This includes more eye colors and coat colors to choose from.


Once you are finished customizing your glam cat, click next step. This will lead you to your accessory options, the step that will help you look glam. Here pick from a selection of accessories including capes, headwear, jewelry, and bowties. You don't have to wear one of each. To choose not to wear an accessory, simply arrow over to the none option.


To earn gold stars, you need to balance the busy life of a glam cat. Do this by living a balanced life. You need to be able to hang out with friends and do activities, but not forget the chores that allow you to earn gold stars at home as well. These include grooming, changing your accessories each day, eating, and taking cat naps.

To invite a friend over, or send a friend a message, go to your friends list and click on the envelope button. If you don't have any friends online, you can visit a random glam cat on this screen. When visiting friends, you have games and activities to pick from that will let you both earn gold stars. You don't play against each other, but instead benefit by doing well as a team.

When you earn more gold stars, you will automatically have more songs on your song list to choose from when you play Glam Cat Karaoke!


Special features of this app include many games and activities, including karaoke! When you level up, you will unnlock more games, and more karaoke songs.

Other features include availablity of gold stars on the app store. 100 gold stars is only $3.99! However, you can only purchase this amount of gold stars once in a two week period.

The ability to level up not only increases your games and activities, but if you beat the game, (Level 20) you will recieve a very exclusive prize. A crystal crown, and a sparkly velvet robe will belong to your glam cat, along with a certificate in the mail!

So what are you waiting for?!

Get out there, customize your cat, glam your cat, and earn gold stars to become the glammest of them all!

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