Moi Mode Ami

Your Personal Stitch Styler

Do you ever find yourself feeling extremely bored with your wardrobe, but your pocketbook is telling you not to hit up the mall?

Let Moi Mode Ami assist you in styling your stitches!

Download Moi Mode Ami for your iPhone and iPad.

Moi Mode Ami allows you to upload all of your current clothing items - tops, bottoms, shoes and jewlery - to create your own virtual wardrobe.

It is perfect for those fashion forward ladies who want to explore new options but are on a college budget!

On-the-Go Styling

Always feel rushed or indecisive when choosing an outfit for the day?

Moi Mode Ami can quickly put together a great ensemble so time is not wasted staring blankly into your closet.

"If you never have time in the morning to put an outfit together this app is for you!" - Teen Vogue

"I love that I can have my entire wardrobe with me wherever I go." - Diane Von Furstenberg

"This app makes choosing outfits for the user a very personalized experience." - Elle Magazine