Welcome to ARTBOX!

Where all your designer needs are met, and you will never deal with artist block again!

What's in the Box?

Inside this cute little art box app lies all the necessities that you, as an artist, will ever need! This personal assistant can help you with all of your art needs from helping you find the right color, to even assisting you with your art shopping needs.

What ARTBOX has to offer

Fun to use Color Wheel and color schemes. Anyone can use it. Offers many options of tools and supplies and where to purchase them with the Tool section. Access to historical art pieces if you need an inspirational boost. Links to YouTube and other mp4s to help with viewing art tutorials and answering any questions you may have.

Features that our App offers that no one else can : )

With many tools that are offered in this app, you can take care of all of your art needs from one app. Need to go shopping? We can do that. Need tutorials to draw something? We gotcha covered. Looking for inspiration? No problem! Many art apps only have the basic color wheels or shopping needs but we cover everything you need in one.

Don't believe us? Look at what other people have to say!

"ArtBox has helped me with so many projects. Now that I have it, I don't know how I was living without it!"

"The Chromatic Zone is my favorite! If you see a color that you love--- It can find it and tell you everything you need to know about the color!"

"This app is great for any projects you have around the house that you want to spiff up. Makes life like a cruise and its easy to use."

"Not only can you see demonstrations of many art techniques, but this app can also connect you to YouTube and other great sights if you need a more in-depth tutorial."