Hello And Welcome To Pondly-Ponics!

Our system is called Pondly and the idea of our product is to allow mid and core level organic consumers as well as gardening hobbyists to grow their own organic vegetables Offering both security of knowing where your food came from and exactly what nutrients were used growing your food.

Information About Our Product Pondly

The top and bottom piece of the container itself is made out of polypropylene plastic. The top plant holding layer has 24 individual units that allows you to plant many different kinds of plants in any order and in any combination. Every purchase comes with a nutrient packet which is enough for a full plant growth cycle and a small voltage pump that aerates and disperses the nutrients in the water, batteries included.

Goals And Pricing

We at Pondly are looking to provide both a product and a service to help people grow their own food and understand what goes into their food and be more self-sufficient. Pricing will start at 249.99 for the base, pump, and a few nutrient packets. Individual nutrient packets will start at 9.99 as well as many different kinds of seed packets being offered at the same price of 9.99. Lastly bundling both nutrient and seed packets will be 14.99.

On Behalf Of The Whole Team Here At Pondly-Ponics Thank You For Your Support!