The gud guys got ya back man

You need game guides? Don't worry guys, we got this. The app GIT GUT NOOB!!! has all the gaming guides you will ever need. All you need to do is download the app in the apple store. There are many features and things that you can do with the app, however the best thing about it is that all the guides you may ever need for any video game is at your fingertips. Always keep the content current with the voting system, and personalize it how you like.

Menu Sceen

Your Prefered Platform

On the landing page after logging in, you can choose the platform that you play on. Which one do you prefer? Maybe you are exclusively a Playstation gamer. Well guys, don't worry because we have all the Playstation guides you may need! Not a fan of Playstation? You guys don't need to worry either, because there are so many more categories to choose from.

Games Selection

Game Selection!

Now that you have chosen your favorite platform for all of your gaming needs, you choose your game. The game might be frustrating you, even if you love it! The struggles of things that you don't know how to do will become clear with the support of people who are smarter than you. So choose as you please!

Guides Galore!

Guides Galore!

You've done everything! Chosen your favorite platform. Given your game some extra love. Now what is left. Guides! Either you can write your own guide, or you can choose from the many guides that our users put out every day. Is there a guide that you like? Heal it up! Maybe that other guide that you saw sucks. Shoot it down! With this you can control the ranks of each guide.


Create your own profile

When you are signed in to the app, you can have a profile. This profile is for you to keep track of any guides that you have saved or favorited, or guides that you have written. On top of that, you can promote yourself. Put down any of your gamer tags that you can be found at. You can even tell people your platform preference and have a profile picture! There are icons to indicate what other people can see and what you don't want them to see.

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