How We Started

screens of what app looks like

What the Woof? is an interactive app that allows one to take a picture of any dog (mixes included) and from that it gives information about what type of dog it is, where it originated, how many are in your city and country and if any are available at rescues/humane societies near you.

Where the Woof

where the woof, earth button

Where the Woof? is an in app perk that lets you search where any dog is from, wherever in the world. You can either search a country/etc. or when you see a dog and take its picture it will automatically bring you to where in the world the dog originated.

Bark About It

Bark About it App button

Have questions about your dog? Do you need a vet ASAP but it's too late at night? Have no fear because Bark About It is an in app perk that has a vet availble to chat 24/7. If you need instant care, Bark About it will connect you to a specialist near you.

My Pictures

Paw print, my photos app button

My photos contains your photo album of all your dog pictures you have taken. Users can view and share their personal albums, with others if they choose too.

Local Shelters

dog house, local shelters button

Lets you see where the nearest available shelter is. Offers a range of locations, and lets you pick how far you are willing to search.

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