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With the new Study Buddy, procrastination is a thing of the past!

Forget never getting anything done on time due to your selfie addiction or compulsion to share your dank meme collection. Study Buddy will keep you on track by allowing you to input your schedule and work you need to do and automatically creates work time in your free time. When it’s time to work, a timer will begin showing your remaining work time.
If you slip up and try to leave the screen to procrastinate you will be bombarded with annoying gifs and messages until you go back to the screen and proceed to work. If you do not. Just like a good Study Buddy, the app will lock down your phone until your study time is up. If you are like many procrastinators you may find something else to distract you, but luckily Study Buddy is here and tracking you using your gps chip in your phone as well as your camera and will happily give you a friendly 200v shock to get you back on track.

Gif Notifications

An ever-expanding gallery of the most annoying gifs the internet has to offer will be available to get you off those social medias and back to work.


A non-distracting timer to conveniently show you the remaining study time you have left.

Pause Button

Study Buddy has an emergency pause button for moments when you absolutely must use your phone for things like emergency calls. But remember, Study Buddy is always watching.

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