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Do you struggle with what to wear in the morning?

Struggle no more! Closet Moodist is an outfit organizing app will select your outfit(s) depending on your mood and occasion. It will also take the weather into account, so that it won’t dress you in your four inch heels the day after getting a foot of snow!

All About Closet Moodist

This app will allow you to take pictures of your very own closet making it very personal and customizable to your specific style.

Easy to add more by just scanning your receipts in after a recent shopping excursion.

Separate menu that makes shopping suggestions based on previous shopping history and what already exists in your closet. Also allows you to shop right from the app from varous clothing stores.

Screen Features

homescreengetting ready screen

To the upper left, you can see the main home screen. There are four different options that will take you to separate screens allowing you to interact with the app in different ways. The first will take you to the screen on the upper left. This is the main funtion of the app that will help you select your outfit for the day when you have troubles deciding what to wear.

mood screen

Closet Moodist differs from other apps like it by basing your outfit specifically on how you are feeling in that moment, or what you want to express with your outfit that day.

my closet screen

The My Closet screen will take you to your personal closet where all the clothing items you have uploaded previously will be. You can view them at any time as well as add more items by hitting the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


So different than anything you know!

This app is similar to other ones I have seen but is definitely different from them due to the fact that it's based on my mood. I like how it's customizable to my closet and lets me shop right from the app. I'm not a pink person though, and that's a lot of pink.

Greatest App Ever!!!

I just abosulutely love this app!! I would definitely use it almost every morning. It's very helpful and so customizable to what I'm feeling in that specific moment.