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Food Friend is your Personal Food Health Buddy!


This is your guide to finding the ideal shopping center for you! Our store generator bases your results on your sensitivities, location, and wallet.


Your own personalized database that you build from the ground up! This is where you can teach us more about your sensitivities, while we give our own insight.

Recipe Swap

The social side of Food Friend! Here, you can communicate with other users and staff members to discuss foods and sensitivities, as well as share recipes.

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Food allergies holding back some of your cravings? Needing a more filling or satisfying meal than a salad? Just looking to improve your health and diet in general? Look no further than Food Friend, your personal guide to making better food choices! We here at Food Friend Inc. are just as concerned as anyone about our health while satisfying our craving for a filling meal. Some of us are picky eaters, some of us have food allergies or sensitivities, and some of us just can’t find the recipe that is both healthy and filling. Food Friend is there to help with all of those issues, with no extra cost to you, the consumer!

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